Electric Cello


Kinglos electric cello pursues unique shape creativity and rich colors, which makes the cello have a vigorous life and more attractive.

1. The advantage of Kinglos electric cello is that the sound is extremely pure as it is adjusted by professional pickups to eliminate all noise caused by string vibration.

2. Because the sound is controlled by the amplifier, the player is moving while playing. The bowing becomes very easy.

3. The volume of the electric cello can be adjusted at any time to suit different playing situations. From a small "chamber music venue" to a large concert hall the volume can be adjusted appropriately.

4. The most attractive point is that it has a sound comparable to any famous electric cello, but our electric cello costs only one-third of the price of the famous electric cello.

For centuries, electric cello makers and players have strived to achieve greater volume and improved stage presence without sacrificing tone and playability. In today's day and age, that need and desire has never been stronger. kinglos has taken the pulse of that need with plug-in amplifiers and high-powered amplified designs that dramatically increase the volume and stage performance of electric cellos. kinglos series electric cellos are in every sense designed for that particular stage, but they are also equipped for studio life. Make electric cello videos for yourself and let your performance appeal spread around the world with every electric cello video and let your fans cheer you on.

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