Double bass


The double bass is a stringed instrument with an extremely low and soft tone that allows the user to play very beautiful overtones; with plucking, it can produce just the right rumble to describe the sound of thunder or waves, with excellent slow playing and a delicate and moving treble part.

Kinglos electro-acoustic basses take into account the tone and sound quality of acoustic basses; at the same time, thanks to the sound capture technology, through pre- and post-amplifiers, our basses have become a new type of electronic instrument that is now becoming popular all over the world.

Using high quality materials, the body, neck and fingerboard of the bass are made of maple, which can ensure the best vibration performance of the sound quality.

Using the most advanced imported pickups, the bass has a clear/sensitive pickup effect, a wide range and a natural rich tone. The adjustable bridge of the bass, whether you like high touch or low touch, you can find the best playing experience. With its simple and modern shape, perfect tone and sound quality, and superb craftsmanship, our basses have become a hot-selling instrument in the European and American markets.

Kinross' 3/4 size electric basses are made of premium materials to ensure great sound that lasts. With a body made of bubinga, a neck made of maple and a fingerboard made of rosewood, this bass has a full, natural and rich tone. The adjustable bridge means you get the perfect playing experience, whether you're used to playing high or low.

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