Acoustic Guitar


The main classification of acoustic guitars

Among the various styles, there are three main categories: folk guitars, electric guitars and classical guitars.

Folk Guitar

Folk guitars use steel strings and have a narrow neck. There are a total of 14 frets from the saddle to the body (while classical guitars only have 12 frets), and the case will have a protective device on it. The folk guitar can not only be played solo, but it is also suitable for playing and singing. It is the most popular type of guitar.

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is usually solid. It relies on the strings cutting the magnetic wires of the pickup to produce different sound signals, which are then sounded through a special speaker. Electric guitars have a series of effect speakers that can play hundreds or even thousands of tones, so they are more suitable for playing light music or rock music with extraordinary live effects.

Classical Guitar

The classical guitar style is the most discreet and virtuosic, using nylon strings. Classical guitar mainly plays classical music, taking into account certain modern classical music, such as classical music, flamenco, jazz, etc. can be played with classical guitar. Its delicate and versatile tone, rich polyphonic and harmonic playing ability, can freely interpret the music of different periods, different styles and different nationalities. So to appreciate classical music, besides using intuition, although a lot of classical music is beautiful just by intuition, it still needs some effort to study in order to gradually understand the composer's intention and the connotation of the work. Therefore, people who have never been seriously exposed to classical music often feel incomprehensible and become impatient.

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